Let’s Share Time and Knowledge

Below are all the courses that we can do together!!
Our main goal is that you learn whatever you want about Coffee but also we would like to learn from you! Let’s share stories.

Coffee Tasting: 90 min. From Dark Roast to Speciality Coffee.
General introduction to what a coffee tasting entails.
Contextual narrative
Building up to the coffee tasting and creating context to comprehend the sensory experience.
  • What is coffee, Robusta / Arabica
  • Where does coffee come from and what’s its natural habitat
  • Western world impact on the industry
  • Coffee Waves. First, Second and Third 
Coffee flavour introduction
Breaking down coffee flavour and sensory experience
Coffee Tasting
Introduction to sensory analysis of coffee.
  • 4 different coffees.
We will be highlighting differences in coffee flavour notes and flavour composition. The selection of coffee is from different regions.
-3 Volca 2023 Coffees 
-1 Guest Roaster 
Brewing course: 150 min. Finding the sweet spot of coffee
General introduction to what a brewing course will entail
Contextual Narrative
History of coffee brewing and home roasting
History of espresso culture – 2nd wave and 3rd wave coffee
Fundamentals In espresso brewing.
  • Extraction theory
  • Brewing components
  • Dosing
  • Timing
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Grinder
Espresso tasting
What is under and over extraction, where is the sweet spot
Short tasting with three different coffees
Hand brew
Fundamentals in brewing by hand or on machine
    • Extraction theory
    • Importance of grinder and it’s quality
    • Importance of dosing
  • Difference between more and less filter
  • Brew Aero press by hand – Taste – What is an aero press and how to use it
  • Brew V60 or Kalitta by hand – taste – What is a cone brewer and how to use it
  • Brew French press by hand. –  taste – What is a French press and how to use it
  • Under – over extraction and sweet spot
  • Brewing guidance
  • V60 funnels with filters and container
  • Water boilers to pour with

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Recommended Book: El Amor en los Tiempo de Cólera. Love in Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez