Why we decided to open?

Almost 90% of the team that develop the project are immigrants from South America and Central America, some of us lived in North America before moving to Europe. For all of us having the opportunity to get in contact with our country and our people through the coffee grains that we consume in Europe was a unique experience and produced in us a special  feeling of pride. In some cases we were able to see coffee grains from our friend or family farms on the shelves of prestigious coffe shops in America, Asia and Europe. That is why we got together to continue bringing our grains to as many people as possible to continue helping our people in origin. In this process we also concluded that we did not just want to bring the grains to you, we also would like to bring our culture, music, art and other artistic expressions from our people in Central America. 

We believe in our people, we believe in our region, we believe in our nature!!   

Our Approach

From the conception of VolCa Coffee Roaster, the ideals that would be the engine of the company were outlined. Those ideals were forged by caring for those who produce and love what they do, to offer them recognition and fair deal.

From VolCa we make sure to be in close contact with the coffee grower, either through intermediaries or with direct treatment. Along with this, we strive so that our machinery and the skills of our professionals are up to the raw material we use, investing what is fair and making everyone’s work worthwhile.

One of our main goals is to make accessible top-notch coffee in the day to day of the citizens while providing remarkable sensorial experiences; we aid to achieve this through a meticulous care of the grains and their technical values.

Our ideals make VolCa the place it is, but our passion makes the place to come. 


Recommended Book: La Casa Verde. The Green House, Mario Vargas Llosa.