Raquel Arana
Instagram: raquearana

Hi, I’m Raquel Arana, from El Salvador. I love to illustrate and in 2014 I decided that I was going to create my own brand of handbags and home products with fabrics that I illustrate by hand. Each illustration is inspired by stories I live or themes I want to talk about, my goal is to create emotional connections with women. I love to talk about feelings and emotions that women experience, and motivating them to cultivate their inner growth. Mirna Ruiz, my mother, joined this adventure. I am the heart and she is the brain of the brand. Together we conceptualize, and create products full of color. Each of our products is handmade by a team of Salvadoran artisans, it is very important for us to promote the value of this process, they grow together with our brand, add value to our products and result in a unique work of art, full of good feelings and made with love.

What do we do? I love to illustrate and tell stories full of feelings. Each illustration that you see in my products is made by me, and each one is inspired by a story that I lived or a theme that I seek to tell to inspire women. The stories I write come from my heart.

I am inspired by women and emotions: I love creating an emotional connection with women and, beyond simply designing a product, I seek to inspiring their hearts, sharing feelings, things that life teaches me so We can grown together and walk through life. 

We do everything with love: I am the heart of the brand and Mirna Ruiz, my mother is the brain and we work each product with Salvadoran artisans. They grow with us and with their skills they add value to each of the things we do, turning it into unique pieces of art, handmade with a love.