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Our Coffees

Puerto Arturo, Apaneca, El Salvador

Notes: Blossom, Tropical, Syrupy, Round Complex, Clean


Alvaro Moises & Karla Patricia Quiros


1450-1650 masl


Mountain Range





Harvest period

December to March

Harvest Type



African beds


Natural, Anaerobic



250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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Alvaro Moises and his family have been producing coffee for long time. A natural Pacamara lot of theirs placed in the Salvadoran Cup of Excellence 2020.

Puerto Arturo is one of the healthiest farms in the region. This family share a pasion for coffee and forest conservation. His passion for the Salvadoran ecosystem runs through Puerto Arturo. The farm is herbicide-free and there is a focus on rare varietals, primarily Pacamara and Bourbons. 


Puerto Arturo

Puerto Arturo is a small, but very productive coffee farms with a history over 150 years, owned and forged for 5 generations in the highest mountains of the Apaneca Mountain Range in tropical El Salvador. The farms were preowned by Alvaro’s mother’s family and were known to be one of the best coffee farms in its prime time. Puerto Arturo’s name comes from Alvaro’s uncle, named Arturo.

In 2014 the farms were acquired by Karla’s late father, who was also a coffee producer on the east side of El Salvador and who fell in love with the land in Apaneca, and gave them both properties as a gift, so these farms have very strong sentimental values from both sides of our families.

Since 2014, they have turned old traditional producing family farms into a specialty coffee producing ones, by replanting 90% of them with new varieties and processes.