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Los Ceibos, Marcala, Honduras

Notas: Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Tangerine


Anastacio Argueta








Red catuai, Red bourbon, Typica, Pache

Harvest period

December - March

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Drying beds





250 gr

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It is the second year we work with the COMSA organization, located in the region of  ontecillos. This organization produces certified “Marcala”coffees, which own an Denomination of Origin (4th of Latin America and 1st of Central America) since 2005. Marcala is a town located in La Paz County, in the south-west of Honduras. The certified coffee must be produced at more than 1100m of altitude, on 19 referenced towns, and obtain more than 80 points. A few years ago, Marcala used to own a big cooperative that gathered many small producers which, after its breaking, left all the members without mill. This is why about sixty producers decided to get
together to form the private society COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala). Today, it is more than 700 producers constituting this society with a cooperation spirit, in which all employees are producers. They all follow cupping and biological agriculture classes. In addition, the cooperative subsidizes the community children?s education. Besides producing organic
coffees, they really highlight the orgnaic agriculture


Los Ceibos 

Los Ceibos farm is located near the municipality of Santiago Puringla (department of La Paz). Here, Anastacio cultivates 2 hectares of coffee for 20 years and works in partnership with COMSA cooperative.
He produces 80 bags of green coffee a year which he processes in a “benefio seco”. Cherries are washed and then dried in the sun. The harvest is done at full maturity, thus ensuring the quality of the coffee.

Anastacio Argueta 

Anastacio Argueta is the second generation of his family to produce coffee. For 20 years, he has cultivated 2 hectares of coffee in the small city of Santiago Puringla (department of La Paz) and works in partnership with COMSA. Certified organic and holding a Designation of Origin “Marcala”. Los Ceibos is a plot from the farm. When Anastacio is asked about his life goal by producing coffee, he simply replies that he would like this production to bring him enough income to cover his daily needs and one day allow him to be able to take a peaceful retirement. He also adds that he worked to make his children passionate and love the production of coffee.