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La Mochilita, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Notas: Yellow Fruit, Honey, Cacao.


Renardo Ovalle


1500-1700 masl






Red bourbon, Red caturra

Harvest period

December to April

Harvest Type








250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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This coffee is named after a history we are proud to be a part of La Mochilita means “small backpack” in Spanish, and it was inspired by our sourcing director, Angel, who has journeyed to explore this terroir several times, never without his backpack. This high-altitude coffee, produced on the La Libertad terroir (Huehuetenango region), is a blend of two varieties of Arabica harvested only at optimum maturity: Red Bourbon and Caturra. For the sole purpose of coffee traceability, we would like La Mochilita to be processed at a single mill to ensure a much more regular profile.
La Mochilita is cultivated at a high altitude on a limestone soil, characteristic of the Huehuetenango region, and therefore carries a unique intricacy and acidity guaranteeing excellent bean quality. While most producers in the region farm between 1 and 10 hectares of coffee, the size of our partner’s plots is such that it is not necessary to assemble lots sourced from several producers, meaning all of the wet processing stages can be controlled.This work results in a regular and homogeneous coffee.

La Libertad/ La Mochilita

La Libertad is the largest municipality in the department of Peten, in northern Guatemala. This landlocked area, sitting at an altitude of 200 metres, is positioned in the hollow of a rift surrounded by high mountains. It is deep within these mountains, at an altitude of more than 1,300 metres, that you will find the production areas contributing to the creation of La Mochilita. The very specific nature of this limestone terroir is reflected in the coffee’s spicy and chocolatey notes. The La Libertad terroir is one of the highest in the Huehuetenango appellation, giving the coffee a much greater intricacy than a “standard” SHB quality coffee, which must be produced at an altitude of at least 1,200 metres.


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