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Our Coffees

La Cubana, Apaneca, El Salvador

Notas: Chocolate, Caramel, Green Grapes, Juicy


Guillermo Dada


1300 masl






Bourbon, Pacas, Catimor

Harvest period

December to March

Harvest Type



Drying beds





250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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Dada Coffee, is a new and odd player in the coffee industry.  Dada Coffee is a direct extension of the business that starts in a family-owned farms in El Salvador, where their coffee beans are grown, picked and processed and then roasted by Salvadorians in Sweden.

This proof that there is another way of working.  A way that is fair, empathetic and as an initiative of coffee growers themselves. By owning and sharing with Volca the entire production chain, from growing all the way to roasted coffee, we avoid unnecessary intermediaries and have the opportunity to create a real change.  

La Cubana

This plantation is located in Apaneca, in the mountainous region of Ilamatepec, at an altitude between 1225 and 1600 meters above sea level.  The area is unique thanks to its volcanic soil and microclimate.  It is also a UNESCO-classified biosphere reserve and home to over 70 endangered species of animals and plants.  They believe in, and work for, a sustainable way of growing and producing coffee that prioritises the conservation of the ecosystem.

On the farm, which is over 70 hectares in size, they are constantly working to promote biodiversity as far as possible.  Their coffee bushes grow under the shade of a mixture of native trees typical of the area where animals, flowers and insects also play an important role.  The coffee we grow is one hundred percent arabica beans of the varieties Pacamara, Bourbon and Pacas.