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Daye Bensa, Keramo Sidama A, Ethiopia

Notas: Aromática, Hierba Limón, Floral, Sirope.  


Daye Bensa


1900 - 2300 m







Harvest period

November to january

Harvest Type



On African beds


Fully Washed



250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

We also accept these payment methods


On the farm, of more than 70 hectares, constant work is done to promote biodiversity as much as possible. Its coffee trees grow under the shade of a mixture of native trees typical of the area where animals, flowers and insects also play an important role. The coffee we grow is one hundred percent Arabica beans of the Pacamara, Bourbon and Pacas varieties.


The town of Keramo is located at 2,000 m, in the Sidama appellation, included in the Bensa district. Sidama is divided into four different areas (named A, B, C, D), each offering a specific cup profile. The Sidama A denomination has sweetness and some notes of yellow fruits.

Here the coffee is collected from several small producers for whom the cultivation of coffee is integrated with different food crops (fruits, vegetables, etc.). This farming system helps families diversify household income. Coffee cultivation here is ancient.

The natural environment is rich, the soils are fertile, and the coffee trees are covered with endemic species that are good for shade. Due to the desire to preserve this environment, Daye Bensa coordinates a reforestation program, following the advice of the Ministry of Agriculture, to increase the tree cover of his coffee farm.



Respect the enviroment | peasant practices | Produced under shade | Volcanic and fertile



The Daye Bensa company was created by two brothers, Assefa Dukamo and Mulugeta Dukamo, about fifteen years ago. Determined to reveal the high potential of their country’s coffees, they developed over the years a company that today occupies an important place in the production, storage and export of Sidama coffee. Daye Bensa currently manages two farms in this region, 19 washing stations in the producing region, and 5 coffee preparation warehouses located in the city, especially in Addis Ababa. They work with more than 1,400 small producers among which they select the most beautiful cherries. The company also organizes regular training for these producers in order to further improve the quality of these coffees. These solid establishments, at different stages of the industry, allow Daye Bensa to offer quality coffees on the international scene.