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La Bolsa, Encuentros Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Notes: Floral, Citric, Juicy, Tea-like


Renardo Ovalle


1300 - 1600 m






Red caturra

Harvest period

December to march

Harvest Type








250 gr

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This coffee is produced in La Bolsa, a 108-hectare farm located in the heart of the Huehuetenango region. An exceptional coffee grown on the calcareous soil of La Libertad at 1,600 meters above sea level with ideal atmospheric conditions. Its singular aromatic complexity is internationally recognized, with a chocolate profile and its citruses long-lasting, real signature of this coffee.

TTOA = Transition To Organic Agriculture

This coffee is called Encuentros because it comes from an isolated plot that is in transition to organic agriculture.This plot is located where all the other plots of the farm meet, in a central square, hence its name Encuentros which means Meetings.

Already driven by a strong societal conscience, Renardo has developed numerous projects aimed at improving the living and working conditions of its employees: creation of a daycare center for the children of workers, balanced meals or even higher remuneration than in most other farms in the country people are at the heart of the producer’s concerns. In addition to his social involvement, Renardo is now embarking on organic farming and this coffee is proof of this because it comes from a plot that is in transition.

Marjorie, our agricultural engineer, has attended many training courses on organic farming practices. She took part in setting up this transition at Renardo with the help of Mercedes, an agricultural engineer at La Bolsa and Jacqueline, Renardo’s wife.


Finca la Bolsa

La Bolsa is the oldest of the three Vides 58 farms. Tucked in between majestic mountains, it looks like it has been placed within a bag, hence its atypical name, “Bolsa”, meaning “bag” in Spanish. It is a magnificent 108-hectare farm with a history, situated on a limestone soil at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,600 metres. It is a site suspended in time that benefits from very good weather conditions.

The farm is located at a very high altitude, which is rare, but above all it differs from the others in that perfection and innovation are constant priorities. Here, coffee quality remains a primary concern. The harvesting and drying processes are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure an exceptional coffee. And this work has paid off, since La Bolsa has won numerous awards for the quality of its coffees, including a Cup of Excellence in 2002.

The Ovalle family invests a great deal in their employees by developing a number of ambitious social projects for their plantations, including:

  • a day care facility and school for their employees’ children
  • meals for all workers
  • a higher wage than that paid by most of the country’s farms



Famous huehuetenango region | Strong social commitment | Transition to organic practices | Isolated plot



Renardo Ovalle is the third generation of his family to produce coffee in the Huehuetenango region in the north of Guatemala. He owns the La Bolsa, El Rincon and Las Terrazas farms. The company was renamed Vides 58 in homage to his grandfather, Jorge Vides, who created the farm. Renardo is supported by his parents and his wife, Jacqueline, who uses her discerning palate and Q Grader training to help define the profiles and characteristics of each of the farm’s coffees.

A doctor by profession, Jorge Vides bequeathed a humanist philosophy that still influences the farm’s development and the Ovalle family today. They are involved in numerous social projects aimed at improving the living and working conditions of their employees. They have created a day care facility for the workers’ children, provide balanced meals and even pay a higher wage than most of the other farms in the country. The human dimension is still a priority concern for the producer.

Renardo has a passion for coffee production that is shared by his employees, and this is felt all the way through to the cup. Today, the Ovalle family is one of the most recognised Guatemalan families in the world of specialty coffee. A reputation

helped by the fact that their coffees have won numerous Cup of Excellence awards and are well-positioned among the world’s most renowned roasts