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El Manzano, Pacamara Ilamatepec, El Salvador

Notes: Floral, Tropical Fruits, Bright, Milky  


Emilio Lopez


1350 - 1500 m







Harvest period

December to march

Harvest Type



African beds





250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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The secret behind this coffee is its winning combination of a high altitude, a Pacamara variety and a natural preparation, all optimised by Emilio’s unique know-how for a tangy, complex, floral and fruity cup.


El Manzano

El Manzano is one of Emilio’s “flagship” farms. It is the same farm that we chose when we began importing Cuatro M coffees into Europe in 2012.

Located 16 km from the city and volcano of Santa Ana, also called Ilamatepec in Nahuatl (an Uto-Aztecan language), El Manzano is the company’s main farm and is where it has set up its mill.

El Manzano is situated in a volcanic terroir at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,550 metres and covers 75 hectares. It belongs to Margarita Diaz de Lopez, the great-granddaughter of its founder, Cornelius Lemus. 90% of the farm is planted with Red Bourbon, but additional plots are planted with Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Typica and Kenya.



Pacamara | Natural | Complex, floral, fruity cup | Quality, consistency, precision



Cuatro M is owned by Emilio Lopez, a producer passionate about his work and in permanent search of perfection, both at his farm and in the cup. He describes his way of working as non-traditional and likes to think outside the box.

Cuatro M produces, processes and exports not only its own coffees, but also coffees from neighbouring farms. Emilio has managed Cuatro M since 2001. It is a company with a long history of coffee production. Emilio belongs to a sixth generation of coffee farmers. When he took over the management of the family farms, he wanted above all to create a new company, unique in El Salvador. In 2005, Emilio and his team set up the mill (beneficio) at the El Manzano farm.

Today he owns one of the most beautiful production facilities in Central America and can process his coffees using a variety of methods, always with great precision and the same objective: to achieve perfection! He lives by three key values, which are quality, consistency and innovation – we can assure you that you will never be disappointed by the quality of an Emilio coffee!