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Dambi Uddo Shawo, Odo Shakiso Guji, Ethiopia

Notes: Lemon Grass, Orange peel, Mango, Velvet body


Guji Highland Coffee Plantation


2070 - 2120 m






Harvest period

November to December

Harvest Type



African beds





250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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Shawo coffee comes from the Dambi Uddo forest, in the Guji appellation. It has fruity notes of peach and orange. It is produced within an agroforestry system that mixes about fifteen endemic species. The shawo, after which this coffee is named, is one such species. It is a tree that can grow to over 20 metres in height and is a good companion for coffee trees.
By promoting this forest coffee, Belco wants to help preserve the rare environment and support the farmers involved in this agroforestry.

Dambi Uddo Shawo

The Dambi Uddo farm is divided into 4 plots, all named after an endemic tree that grows in the forest. The shawo is a tree with an extensive canopy that provides shade suitable for coffee growing. This Shawo plot, located at an altitude of between 2,070 and 2,120 metres, covers 22 hectares, although the coffee trees are planted on just one half of the land because the other is too dense.


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The Guji Highland Coffee Plantation is a family business managed by Wadessa Yachisa. Originally from Shakisso, Wadessa has been involved in coffee production for many years. In 1995, at the age of 17, Wadessa was forced to leave secondary school to join the army and complete his military service. On his return in the late 1990s, the political situation was such that he could not resume his studies. The young man found himself unable to continue his education, despite wanting to do so. Driven by a strong ambition, he managed to bounce back and quickly turned his hand to other projects. He began by working in one of the gold mines in the Guji area. He then decided to invest his savings in coffee, considered a promising regional industry. In 1999 he created a first company with friends, which he headed for several years. Then, in 2010, he journeyed to the Guji appellation in Dambi Uddo. He went there for a religious ceremony, but on meeting and talking with local farmers decided to invest in its beautiful coffee forest. In 2012, Wadessa Yachisa created a new company, Guji Highland Coffee Plantation PLC, with other members of his family. They now have 150 hectares of land devoted to coffee production. They also work with local farmerswho supply them with cherries. They have several drying stations and have recently set up a washing station in Dambi Uddo, allowing them to offer a fully-washed coffee.
Today it has become a large company with offices in Addis Ababa and Shakisso. As manager, Wadessa Yachisa is driven by a passion to produce high-quality coffee using production methods capable of protecting the environment. He is also a politically committed man, actively involved in helping his country to progress.