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Our Coffees

Ayutepeque, Apaneca Ilamatepec,
El Salvador

Notas: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnuts, Full body


Emilio López


1000 - 1100 masl






Red bourbon, Pacas

Harvest period

November to January

Harvest Type





75% Fully Washed - 25% Natural



250 gr

1 Kg Special Price

12% Tax Included

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Owner of Cuatro M, Emilio Lopez is a producer who is passionate about his work, always striving for perfection, both on hisfarm and in the cup! He defines his way of working as outside the traditional, breaking down preconceived ideas. Cuatro M produces, processes and exports its own coffees, but also coffees from neighbouring farms. Since 2001, Emilio has been running Cuatro M, a company with a long tradition in coffee. Indeed, Emilio is the sixth generation of coffee growers in the family. In taking over the management of the family farms, Emilio’s main aim was to create a new and unique company in El Salvador. In 2005, Emilio and his team set up the processing plant (the benefico) on the El Manzano
farm. Today, with one of the most beautiful production facilities in Central America, he is able to transform his coffees through different treatment and processes, with great precision and always with the same objective: to achieve perfection! His key words are quality, consistency and innovation and we assure you that you are never disappointed by the quality of Emilio’s coffees! After several experiments, Emilio discovered that the best way to enhance the value of Ayutepeque coffees was to create
an espresso blend with an ideal mix of red Bourbon and Pacas, 75% washed and 25% natural.