OUR Family Chef

“A little bit about my story…
I was born and raised in El Salvador, in a small city called Santa Tecla to be precise, city from where most of my family is from. Currently, I live in a small village at the beach called El Zonte, always in El Salvador. I’m a self thought Chef, with over 15 years of experience working on the field but honestly I remember myself being in the kitchen cooking with my mother since I was very little. I’ve always have this romantic and passionate belief that cooking from scratch and knowing where your ingredients come from is a game changer and one of the most wonderful experience your can share with people. Having on sight the importance of cooking flavorful food that is also healthy and conscious to nurture our body. I started my own food project called Yemaya, “food from the earth”, 13 years ago. We first had a very nice space in my hometown where I would share my cooking skills but also host art expositions, music concerts and wellness events. It was more of a cultural venue besides a restaurant. After 6 years open we decided to close the restaurant and I maintained my brand yemaya by working freelance.

Bowls & Toast:

  • Curcumin Yogurt Fruit & Granola
  • Porridge & Fruit bowl (V)                        
  • Beetballs bowl  (V)                          
  • Sweet & Sour Coliflower bowl     
  • Pasion Tuna bowl    
  • Eggplant Antipasto toast (V)

Special Dishes:

  • Spanish Omeltte
  • Veggie Lasaña                
  • Stuffed Portobelo      
  • Fish Taco 

Home Made Sweets:

  • Carrot Bread
  • Caramelized Pineapple Pie         
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips Cookies 70% Chocolat
  • Power Balls (V)


  • Batch Brew
  • Espresso                  
  • Bryggkaffe
  • Americano
  • Cold Brew
  • Tea
  • Latte
  • Capuccino              
  • Flat White
  • Cortado
  • Machiatto
  • Iced Latte

Special Drinks:

  • Iced/ Hot Chai Latte
  • Espresso Tonic          
  • Iced/Hot Matcha Latte  
  • Hot Chocolate        
  • Tea          

*No waste policy in our kitchen. Limited portions available. Not all dishes will be served everyday